Mindfulness for Mums


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Do you just want to feel more in control?
Like stress isn't your default setting?
You crave more fun and joy?
And want to give less sh!ts?
For anxiety to stop ruling your day?
To reclaim the confidence you once had?
Remember who the f*ck you are?

The award winning live mindfulness for mums course is now available in your own time at an affordable price. Packaged up into videos, summary handouts and supporting meditations. Mindfulness is not just meditation and has the potential to change your life. There is a lot of talk about mindset and mental health and the amazing thing about mindfulness is, it's a brain training that is backed by science!

I have worked with many women who have learnt so much about themselves and their mind it has helped them to manage anxiety, deal with overwhelm, change jobs, end or improve relationships, stop the cycle of burnout, be more present in life, overcome imposter syndrome, find more joy, remember who they are, and so much more.

This is something that once learnt will last a lifetime. With a little practice you can learn something that will serve you and your family forever.


“When Amy asked me to try her course I wasn’t in a good place. I was totally overwhelmed by motherhood and coming to terms with a lot of unresolved issues. Mindfulness was not a part of my life and I was sceptical to say the least. By the time it had finished I had bought the course for my friend. The impact was huge. Becoming more aware, feeling less alone, feeling more in control, less mum guilt. It was an absolute game changer. I’m so thankful that Amy is in the world. Without her, my life would of been quite different. It propelled me in to understand myself and my mind on another level and opened doors to self awareness and kindness to the biggest b*tch that ever lived, and she lived in my head!” - Ali

“I have learnt a whole lot about myself, more than I ever expected. The biggest thing your course has taught me is to live in the moment, forgetting about everything but the here and now, I am now enjoying the bedtime stories without worrying about the mess that awaits me downstairs. I am no longer going to bed super anxious that the little one is going to have a rough nights sleep. I no longer worry as much when he is being picky with a new food I just enjoy one meal time at a time. And I think most importantly I am learning to spend time alone without being consumed by my thoughts. I am slowly learning to relax and be still, something I have forever tried to avoid. I am also learning to let go of the littles things that in the bigger picture do not matter. I have learnt an awful lot about myself over the last 8 weeks and for that I will be forever grateful to you, Amy”. - Kirsty

“What can I say?! Amy Polly and mindfulness have changed my life. I was suffering daily with anxiety. (Looking back I had been for 3 years since having my youngest daughter). Amy understood. She helped me to start a journey that has totally changed my mindset and in turn changed my life”. - Sam  

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"I was sceptical but this course changed my life! Everyone needs an Amy Polly."